Candyland Spa for Kids

There's a new player in the spa market aimed at the huge untapped market - kids! It's called Candyland Spa. But it's not your typical spa where yo...

There’s a new player in the spa market aimed at the huge untapped market – kids! It’s called Candyland Spa. But it’s not your typical spa where you get a relaxing massage and other forms of pampering. Here, your kids will get banana pedicures and even chocolate facials.

Before you raise your eyebrows read this first. This is purely a decorative and there will be no cutting or trimming of nails. Here’s a part of an article about Ayanna Williams, owner of Candyland Spa:

Williams created the business to pamper little girls, with all natural sweet treatments, from chocolate facials to banana pedicures. The children’s spa just opened on Niagara Falls Boulevard near Kenmore Ave., not far from the University at Buffalo south campus. Williams says she came up with the idea for the business after her daughter, Annaya, asked for her own special treatment after seeing Mommy at the “grown up spa.” Williams gave her a spa treatment at home and a business was born. “We totally loved it,” Williams said. “She went to school and told all her girlfriends. We started doing it in our basement and then started doing mobile parties at home and six months later, we’re here.”

Candyland Spa is purely decorative and for entertainment purposes, so Williams says she didn’t need a special license. She says she did work with the BERC and MWBE programs for minority and women businesses, to get started, but thanks to support from family and friends, it wasn’t necessary to take out a business loan. Instead, she says she purchased the space on Niagara Falls Boulevard at a cheap price and renovated all of it by hand, even designing three pedicure stations. Williams says it took two years to get the business off the ground, but the idea is paying off. She opened the spa in January and was surprised by the enormous turnout at her first open house and by the initial foot traffic at her business.

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  1. Yulonda Fears says:

    I recently had my duaghter Mauloni’s party there 3/14/10, the experience was an awesome one to have seen. I had a little girl that attended the party that never comes outta her shell and she fit right in due to the kindness of these lovely ladies in the Candyland Spa. I have spread the word and will continue too. I love supporting small businesses exspecially minoirty owned. Keep up the good work Ayanna!

  2. Leo Blanco says:

    Glad to hear that your little girl enjoyed at Candyland Spa. And thanks for visiting my blog.

    I hope folks at Candyland will continue to deliver amazing service to their customers.

  3. !st let me start by saying Thank you Ms Fears for such a wonderful comment. We too enjoyed your daughters party. Your family and friends were awsome. We hope to see you at the Grand Opening of our 2nd location in July.

    2nd, Thank you Mr Blanco for finding Candyland Spa news worthy. We appreciate your blog and promise to keep delivering amazing services to our customers.

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