Great Web Business Ideas in Baby Niche

Setting up a small business related to babies and their loving parents can be a very profitable venture. The important thing is to know your niche and...

Setting up a small business related to babies and their loving parents can be a very profitable venture. The important thing is to know your niche and understand your target market. That’s why parents and teachers are more inclined to take a chance in this evergreen industry.

In case you’re stuck and don’t know where to start in this niche then this blog post is right for you. Some quick trends I’ve gathered – baby services, baby names database, baby journals, and personalized story books. Here are some of the best Web business ideas related to babies:

MakeMeBabies’ unique technology will show you exactly (well… almost exactly…) what your future child with another person will look like! We take both your photos, do some magic calculations, and congratulations! You have a new baby! MakeBeBabies is rendering a unique baby face based on your facial features - but real life genetics is far more complicated than that. This site for your entertainment only.

AboutMyBaby is the most popular baby scrapbooking site on the web. It’s a super-easy, super-fast way to keep friends and family connected with your baby or baby-to-be with photos, videos, journal entries and more. The site was designed and built by Internet veterans who have over 30 years combined experience in building easy-to-use, reliable websites.

SOSsitter was created by Paulina Podgorska, a single mom who found it very difficult to find a suitable babysitter for her son. It provides a link between families looking for sitters and candidates offering their services in babysitting, pet sitting and senior care. This site is not a staffing agency and they do not select sitters for you. Rather, they leave it to each family to do its own selection following a simple concept – each family knows what suits them best.

lil’grams is an indispensable tool for modern parents. lil’grams is the simplest, most convenient way to remember and share all of your baby’s cute and precious moments. Parents send little updates (lil’grams = little telegrams) with photos, videos or text in the normal course of a baby’s life via web, email, or twitter – desktop or mobile. Then, this site permanently stores them in the baby book and send them along to friends and family the way they want to receive them.

What A Lovely Name is a website for helping parents find the perfect name for their baby. You can browse by tradition, or personality trait, or even check out what celebrities are naming their children (these can be names to choose or to avoid as you see fit). Once you’ve found some names you like you can share them with friends. You can even create custom logos for each name you like and order products featuring the baby’s name and logo as gifts. (You can also order merchandise with your name on it. It’s not just for babies!)

StoryJumper is a site that gives parents, kids, and authors tools for creating, sharing, and reading children’s stories. Stories can be shared online, electronically, or printed as hard-copies.

Baveo is the simplest blogging platform on the market for new and expecting parents. Baveo makes parents’ lives easier by letting its users share photos, videos, updates and registries with family and friends.

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