Great Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

If you're passionate about travel and adventure why not make money from it? You get to share your experiences and earn enough money to fund your n...

If you’re passionate about travel and adventure why not make money from it? You get to share your experiences and earn enough money to fund your next trip to your dream destinations. Here are some really good business ideas related to travels and adventures:

Be a Tour Guide
Do you reside in a tourist area, and do you know that vacation spot well? In that case, why don’t you think about starting up a small business as a personal tour guide? This kind of venture is usually handled from your home business office, up and running for under $1,000, and has the opportunity to generate earnings that may very easily go over $50,000 annually. The important thing to succeed in being a personal tour guide would be to market your service aggressively, develop connections with businesses and people that will help you thrive, and also to give customers the very best time of their lives. Now, tour guides are actually billing customers about $125 for half-day trips, and as much as $200 for whole day excursions, in addition to the fee to provide transportation and tickets to activities or local destinations. To get referrals or leads, you should network with limousine companies, hotels and hotel employees, company event planners, and tour operators

Be a Local Travel Agent
The primary prerequisite for starting up a travel company or setting up a small business as an independent trip advisor is actually to evaluate local policies with regard to accreditations which may be necessary to run the business. Further considerations also include things like: Working as general travel agency or focusing on a specific kind of vacation. Will your operating location be storefront or home based? Will you target the well-heeled travelers or the budget travelers? The travel sector in general is very saturated, specifically for companies that run as general travel companies. In order to reduce level of competition it is very important concentrate on a particular sector and look for a distinct segment.

Equipment Rental Business
Leasing your equipment is actually rewarding specifically for travelers searching for new adventures or activities to do. For example, setting up a canoe and kayak rental company is among the best low-investment businesses today. It can operate in different formats and strategies. It is possible to provide canoes or kayaks to marinas and beachfront resorts and share the rental income that will be earned. The next alternative is you may run a canoe and kayak rental company through your own leased beachfront spot. The 3rd choice is you can operate this small business at home, advertising and marketing it via print media to draw in potential customers who can just get the rental item from you, or you can simply deliver the rental gears directly to your clients. The 2nd and 3rd methods will certainly maxmimize your earnings and most importantly provide utmost control on your business and handling of your rental gears.

Ultimate Adventure Clubs
Your prospects is anybody who’s into great adventures and loves thrill-seeking outdoor activities. The business idea would be to launch an adventure membership providing all members special discounts on sporting activities, adventure vacations, sports gear and sporting events. The catch is actually there is NO charge for a membership, since small business profits are gained from vendors wishing to advertise within your discount directory as well as on the club’s internet site. You’ll have very little resistance from companies you deal with for advertising sales, provided that you’ve got a big list of target customers which they would like contact with.

The quickest approach to acquire members in the club, even if the subscriptions are free of charge, will be to put together an exhibition booth at an outdoor recreation trade show for a few days. This is actually the target segment you need and there will be no issues acquiring several thousand sign ups from a big adventure trade show.

Extreme Adventure Trips
Focused on thrill-seeking aficionados, establishing this kind of special business demands almost no investment cash to kick-off, and also the service may be advertised directly to customers through the internet or via conventional platforms like print and radio advertising. As soon as you have secured a buying customer and all the travel accommodations and activity programs have been confirmed, you just need to bill the adventure tour company a 20-percent commission rate of the entire trip cost. Assuming you can sustain annual revenue of $500,000 (which really should not be hard since several adventure tour companies are selling for up to $10,000 per individual), this business idea would likely crank out gross sales of $200,000.

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