Profitable Part-Time Business Ideas

If you to test if entrepreneurship is in you before committing full time, this article will help you find profitable part time business ideas. Som...

If you to test if entrepreneurship is in you before committing full time, this article will help you find profitable part time business ideas. Some people simply want to earn extra money to supplement their day job while others want to test if their passion is profitable. No matter what your goals are, here are some great business ideas you may want to explore:

Computer Instructor
If you happen to be a geek when it comes to computer applications such as spreadsheet, HTML, word processing, desktop publishing, video editing, animation, basic or advanced programming then use it to help others as an instructor. Potential clients are everywhere including your co-workers, neighbors, small business owners, social organizations, students, and even people from other countries via chat or VOIP. Being a certified instructor will allow you to charge higher.

Martial Arts or Yoga Instructor
Relaxation techniques and stress management are booming these days and if you happen to know Yoga or Pilates there’s a business opportunity to start your own school or night classes. Moreover, some men and even women find martial arts as a good way to release stress. These include the now popular mixed martial and the traditional karate, tae kwon do, jujitsu, and aikido. Health clubs and community centers are good starting points before you consider renting your own training area. If you have enough space then your garage or basement will work just fine.

Business and Medical Transcription
These days, businesses and medical practitioners desperately need people to transcribe their business meetings and patient medical records. This part time business idea is usually carried out in home office or outsourced to other countries. Equipment needed include a computer, headset, media player, and sometimes a foot pedal to pause and play the recorded messages. Knowledge of business or medical terms combined with fast typing skills will help you get more clients.

Home Improvement
Some men love to fix things while others (like me) simply want to pay someone to fix things for them. If you happen to a handy guy then there’s so much money to earn in this field. Your target customers are busy homeowners who don’t have time to fix things, senior citizens, and some unskilled people like me. Every single there’s always something to repair like phones, sink, roof, garden, etc. It’s up to you to specialize in one field or be a general handy guy.

Cleaning Service
Having a clean house is very important to many people but we don’t have time or perhaps too tired to do them on weekends. This is a good opportunity to start your own cleaning service and earn around $15 to $30 per hour depending on the rates in your area and your competitors’ service fee.

Researcher/Virtual Assistant
Some academes and businesses like law firms require extensive research as part of their daily routine. Some have in-house researchers while others hire virtual assistants or part time researchers to do this job. If you have a curious mind and strong research skills this is the perfect part time business for you.

T-Shirt Designs
Explore your creative side by starting a t-shirt business based on your own designs, ideas, latest fashion trends, famous quotes, or even spoof of famous brands. You can sell them online such as eBay and Craigslist or offline to crafts fairs.

Here are other very popular part time business ideas you want to consider:

Career counseling
Coin collecting business
Become a comedian
Be disc jockey for parties and other events
Be a song writer or composer
Security business
Gift wrapping business
Be a home decorator
Be a mystery shopper

I hope you find my collection of part time business ideas very useful to help you earn extra money and realize your dream of becoming a full time entrepreneur.

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