How to Make Money from iPad

The highly anticipated launch of Apple's latest innovative product named iPad is very successful. It sold around 300,000 units the first day it op...

The highly anticipated launch of Apple’s latest innovative product named iPad is very successful. It sold around 300,000 units the first day it opened! In this blog post I won’t be writing about its features and why it’s so great to have one. There tons of gadget blogs that talk about these things. What I intend to write are all about great business ideas that you can start specifically for iPad users.

The idea is to look at iPad as your modern-day newspaper like The New York Times and there will be some very profitable advertising opportunities that will come along soon. In an article in SmallBusinessNewz, Chris Crum talks about selling apps:

Essentially, you’re going to find a lot of apps that cater to different ways you can market your business, not unlike apps on the iPhone or other smartphones. The point is, the apps are going to be pouring in, and along with them, the opportunities will be as well.

There are real estate apps, web conference apps, etc. Look for plenty of search opportunities. Google has several apps for it, including a Maps app, and a search-by-voice app. Citysearch launched a new app for it that comes in a digital magazine format. Among its features is a business profile details feature, which includes address, phone, maps/directions, photos, hours of operation, etc. There are already a ton of apps out there.

Here’s a separate insight from Inc Magazine:

…Developing and designing iPad-honed apps is perhaps the most obvious way to make money in the new platform – already developers and software companies are salivating at the Apple customers’ consistent willingness to pony up a few bucks to add value to their device by downloading a new app. to get apps. If you’re diving in to that demand, experts recommend getting a quick start.

…Whatever sector your business is in, think both near and far about how adding features that are iPod ready can engage consumers. The iPad has great potential to be a coffee-table family device, while at the same time it will be used as a highly portable business tool. Customers could take it on a road trip, or just on a walk around the neighborhood, so consider both sit-down fun and location-aware services that expand on your existing business.

…When you go to the iTunes App Store, you’ll notice that in the top-seller chart of paid apps, at least 50 percent of the top-10 titles are games. Games are a thriving niche of iPhone apps, and with the iPad’s larger screen and tough-and-tilt navigation, it’s going to be an even brighter market for game designers. Again, some game companies are already altering their graphics and game designs for the larger screen, but for others, simplicity is still key, Hawkins of Digital Chocolate says

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